General Conditions

Agreement with the general conditions and legal terms:

The player states to have read, to understand and agree with all General Conditions and Legal Terms as published on the Online Casino website and that he/she will further act in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana, the rules and regulations under the Ghana Gaming Act 2006 (ACT 721) and the regulations imposed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana, duly appointed by the Ghana Ministry of Interior, the Ant-Money Laundering Act 2008 (ACT 749) and the Ghana Data Protection Act 2012 (ACT 843). In case of any dispute, both the Online Casino and the player will accept the ruling of the Gaming Commission in case the Gaming Commission feels the need to intervene or is asked to do so by either party, even if the Gaming Commission’s ruling were contradictory to the Online Casino's General Conditions, Legal Terms or General Policy.

Site access and password:

Access to any Online Casino account is unique, strictly personal and for personal use only. Access given to third parties or transfer of access rights of any kind is strictly prohibited, even with the player’s consent. The player commits and accepts to use his identification and related password and other information responsibly. Failure of the password to comply with the generally accepted standards of safety will not be under the responsibility of the Online Casino. The Online Casino reserves the right to lock an account and/or alert the Gaming Commission in case of suspicion of fraud.

Personal information and use of the account:

The player is responsible for all information he has provided. The submission of incorrect or false information e. g. incorrect age or nationality, may result in the immediate suspension of the account and will be communicated to the Gaming Commission. Accounts are never transferrable.


The player can request the payout of the funds of his account at all times. The Online Casino commits itself to debit all balances due after verification of their validity into the player’s account no later than 5 (five) working days after the initial request. The minimum amount that will be transferred in case of payout is 20.00 GHS (twenty new Ghana cedis), except in case of closure of the account.

Game rules:

The Online Casino offers the possibility to practice playing any of its games free of charge. Claims for not being able to realize winnings due to lack of skills, knowledge or insight in to the games will therefore never be accepted by the Online Casino.

Technical defects, software bugs and loss of connection:

In case a player does not agree with the results of any financial transaction performed or game played, or if any result is not in compliance with Ghanaian legislation or the Online Casino's internal policy, the dispute must first be communicated to the Online Casino following the proper procedure : no third party intervention may be called upon by the player until the Online Casino has been given the opportunity to investigate and propose a solution to the problem or compensation for any sustained losses, for which a period of 5 (five) days will be allowed. Full compensation for sustained losses will void any other claim or procedure, legal or otherwise. Only the courts of Accra, Ghana will be deemed competent.

Manipulation of software:

The software of the Online Casino may not be altered, modified, changed or influenced by the player. The player is prohibited from any action that would disrupt access to the website or any other aspect of the services or communication offered by the Online Casino. Manipulation of software or data and/or the unlawful acquiring of winnings, premiums, bonuses or any other advantages are strictly prohibited and will be communicated to the Gaming Commission and other relevant Ghanaian authorities.

Discounts, premiums and bonuses:

For all discounts, premiums and bonuses offered by the Online Casino, the law and the rules of the Republic of Ghana and regulations as imposed by the Gaming Commission will take precedence. Discounts, premiums and bonuses are one time only, strictly personal and non-transferrable. Registration or other bonuses must be used as stake and will never be paid out directly. Only the supplementary winnings, resulting from bets made with bonus credit will be added to the account balance and can therefore be claimed. Some games may not allow supplementary bonus bets or only allow bonus bets them only certain conditions.

Other restrictions:

The legal framework the Online Casino operates within, and the guarantees offered by means of the supervision of the Gaming Commission of Ghana, apply only when playing on Ghanaian territory. The player recognizes explicitly to be made aware of the fact that playing elsewhere may constitute an illegal act and that he or she will restrict to playing Online Casino on Ghanaian soil exclusively.