Reliability, Security Responsible Gaming

Which guarantees does the Online Casino offer regarding safe and honest game play?

The Online Casino operates under the supervision of the Gaming Commission of Ghana and complies with even the strictest of rules and regulations. In case a problem or dispute could not be resolved, the Gaming Commission can act as umpire and impose resolution.

How safe is it to transfer information over the Internet

To secure our software and protect data being transferred, the Online Casino employs the most advanced technologies. On top of that, the Online Casino employs its own encryption protocol. Any attempt to defraud is immediately reported to the proper authorities.

Who has access to my personal data?

All your personal information is stored in a separate secured environment. Even the Online Casino’s own staff does not have access to anything other than your alias and mobile phone number and/or e-mail address. In case of suspicion of fraud or money-laundering activities, the Gaming Commission or any other relevant authority is authorized to access your personal data.

What can my personal data be used for?

The Online Casino commits itself not to communicate any of your personal data on to others in compliance with the Ghana Personal Data Protection Act. The Online Casino will keep you informed of news, promotions or other offers only if you have given us permission to do so. This permission can be revoked at any time simply by unsubscribing. To unsubscribe, click on the link at the bottom of our e-mail message.

Will other users see any of my personal data?

Other users will under no circumstance be given access to your personal data. Only the alias you are using may be visible to others.

Gambling addiction: what is meant by protecting society?

All pleasant things in life such as alcohol, tobacco, and even tasty food can become the subject of abuse in rare cases. For this reason, laws and regulations have been put in place to control gambling with the emphasis on the prevention of such abuse. Minors and non-residents are effectively excluded from the games. Credit cards are not accepted. Last but not least, there is a list of users that are prohibited from playing. Players can request to be put on this list or this can be imposed by the court or the Gaming Commission. The Online Casino strives to seek only happy players having a good time and enjoying themselves and therefore advises restraint. Take a chance from time to time, but don’t gamble with your life or your well-being.

Gambling addiction; what is meant by protecting the player?

The Gaming Commission of Ghana, duly appointed by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Ghana, provides a number of guidelines, rules and regulations set forth in the Gaming Act 2006 (ACT 721) all aimed to protect the players. First, the functionality of the games on offer is carefully screened to verify their legality and to guarantee results are random. This ensures that every player has the same chance of winning. Next, games must comply with a set of rules determining minimum payout percentages as well as minimum and maximum bets and wins. More information about these subjects can be obtained at the Ghana Gaming Commission, Foh Amoaning Street 2, Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legion, Accra, Accra in Ghana.

I have another question?

In case you are unable to find the answer to any question regarding the Online Casino, its contents or policies, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.