What do I need to know prior to registering or playing?

This Online Casino portal is legal in Ghana and presides under the supervision of the Gaming Commission of Ghana. This ensures fair treatment and safe handling of all your personal information. If you have any doubts or questions on privacy, safety and the fairness of the games offered, it will be useful to know that in order to obtain and keep our gaming license, the Online Casino has to comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the Ghana Gaming Act 2006 (ACT 721) and regulations set forth by the Gaming Commission. If some of our procedures appear to be overly complicated or longwinded, please know that this is for your safety and protection, and in accordance with the laws and regulations that are imposed. In case you are unable to find the answer to any question you might have, please feel free to contact our helpdesk. And don’t forget: take a chance from time to time, but don’t gamble with your life or your well-being.

What are the system requirements needed for playing on Online Casino?

We try to make and keep our system as accessible as possible. If your computer, laptop, tablet or other device has a browser and supports flash content, all Online Casino functions, features and games should be available to you. If your tablet or other device has a browser that does not support flash content, only HTML5 Online Casino functions, features and games are available to you as clearly indicated. If you encounter a problem, please let us know. If you do not already have flash player, you can find a link at the bottom of this page allowing you to download the plug-in for free.

What are the conditions under which I am allowed to play?

You must be at least 18 years of age and a Ghana citizen. The Online Casino will require some personal information during the registration procedure that must be communicated to the Gaming Commission in order to get their approval of your application, required prior to you to you playing and winning.

Which payment options does the Online Casino offer?

You can pay by bank transfer, mobile money and other means of prepaid debit cards such as eTranzact or MPower made available by our suppliers of financial services.

Are there any hidden expenses or taxes to consider when playing Online Casino?

Other than the money you put on your account, there are no expenses to be paid whatsoever to the Online Casino. Winnings are not taxed. There will be no unpleasant surprises of any kind.

How about payout?

The money in your account is at your disposal at any time. In the cashier menu, you can select any available amount to be paid out and submit a payout request. The amount due will be transferred to your mobile money account within 5 (five) working days. Your payment slip will only show a numeric reference. As long as the payout request has not been processed, you can revoke it and the quarantined balance will be transferred back in to your Online Casino account. Payout will not be affected by limits, expenses or taxes.

How do the premiums or bonuses work?

Within certain limits, imposed by law, we are permitted to award new or loyal customers by offering premium or bonuses. In order to avoid any confusion on this subject, these premiums, coupons or bonuses will always be referred to as “bonus”. The registration bonus is available without the need for a deposit. It must however first be wagered entirely before the collecting of winnings is possible. Your bonus account is always separate from your cash account and the bonus balance cannot be instantly collected. Bonus needs to be incremented to the normal bets and the subsequent supplementary winnings can be collected once added to your regular cash balance. Not all games may allow supplementary bonus bets. If a game does, the bonus amount will be shown in a separate display, stake selection will allow supplementary bonus bets and win tables will be subsequently higher.

What do I need to do to register?

In order to practice with your For Fun account, your email address alone will be sufficient. You will be requested to confirm the email address you submitted prior to playing. In order to play for cash, you will need to fill out all the required fields in the profile or registration page, these are marked by means of an asterisk. Step by step instructions that will guide you through the procedure can be found in the help section.

How about security?

All questions regarding security and how the Online Casino deals with your personal information is clarified in our section on safe, secure and honest game play that is located in the top right hand corner of this web page under Security

Where do I find information on how to play a particular game?

Prior to log in, you can click on the “info” button available for every game. You will be linked through to a website providing information about that specific game. When a game has been started, more information can be accessed by means of the “Help” button. If unavailable, a small icon with a question mark in the top right hand corner of the game will offer the same functionality. In “Help” mode, every element of the game is explained when being passed over by the cursor, and on top of being able to adjust various personal preferences, a supplementary help section will handle any additional questions.

What must I do if something goes wrong?

If you cannot find proper answers to your questions, or if our comprehensive automated assistance proves to be insufficient, you are always welcome to contact our helpdesk. In case you do, please do not forget to provide as much information as possible, such as when and where the problem occurred, what happened prior to and after the incident, and any other detail you feel may be relevant. In case a reference code is available, please communicate this as well. Remarks or complaints will be handled at the earliest possible convenience.

How can I receive bonus ?

You can receive bonus by entering your personal promotion code when registering.

Can I change my profile?

As long as the registration has not been completed, everything is subject to change. Once your registration was accepted however, some input fields will be locked and can no longer be altered. Your identification number or date of birth for instance can no longer be changed. Other input fields, such as your Mobile Money account will not allow changes for safety reasons and can only be modified by contacting our helpdesk.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Clicking the link “forgot password” and entering your email address will generate an e-mail to your account allowing you to reset your password.

What happens if the connection is lost?

If connection is lost during game play, the interrupted game will be continued the next time you log in. For safety reasons you may be required to wait up to 10 (ten) minutes before being able to log in and continue the interrupted game.

Why do I need to wait sometimes before successfully logging in?

If you have to wait before being allowed to log in, this is usually caused by connection difficulties. These time delays, that can last up to 10 (ten) minutes is unfortunately necessary to ensure safe and secure reconnecting.

I have a question on gambling addiction:

The subject of gambling addiction being part of their training, our staff is qualified to help and intervene, so on this subject, our helpdesk can be of service. You can always request to be banned from all our online gambling activities.

I have another question:

In case you are unable to find the answer to any question regarding our Online Casino, its contents or policies, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.

Is it possible to play the Online Casino games on an android tablet or an Ipad?

HTML5 games can be played on all systems on all browsers. On android tablets that do not support Adobe Flash Player you cannot play Flash games as clearly indicated. In order to play the Online Casino flash content on an android tablet, download Adobe Flash Player (e. g. Flash Player Online Streaming – FP Easy Install) and make sure your browser supports Adobe Flash Player (e. g. Dolphin Browser or FireFox). You can find these apps in the Google Play app-store and many browser apps are for free. In order to play the Online Casino flash content on an Ipad, you must first download and install the application « iswifter ». You can find this application in the Apple app-store and in its basic setup, this app is for free.

What does the promotion code entail ?

During Online Casino campaigns, promotion codes may be advertised. If you have such a promotion code, augmented bonuses or enhanced features may be activated. Simply fill in the promotion code when asked.

What happens when I invite a friend ?

You can earn bonus if you invite a friend. Follow the link on the bottom of the page. Attention: you need to have completed your entire player profile and the bonus will only be awarded if your friend actually deposits money. The bonus is subject to conditions and only be played if your browser supports Adobe Flash Player. In the nearby future we will offer HTML5 games to run the bonus program.

How does the Online Casino affiliate program work ?

If you wish to promote the Online Casino, you may be awarded for the effort. Contact us for more information.

What does "Novice" player profile mean ?

Until you have deposited money, you will be a "Novice" player. Only low bets are accessible and some game or site features will be inaccessible.

What does "Standard" player profile mean ?

Once you have deposited money in your Online Casino account, all regular stakes and features are accessible.

What does "High Roller" player profile mean ?

In order to be able to play for the highest stakes, you will have to make a substantial deposit. That will activate the "High Roller" status, which allows higher stakes and enhanced features.